Yutong telematics system

Global Vehicle Networking Management Platform, ensuring reliable vehicle operation

  • 17 million
    Daily mileage of vehicles under the platform
  • 254,000+ Units
    Platform-monitoring vehicles
  • 24,000+ Users
    Global service coverage
  • 4.585 Billion times
    Annual service
  • SaaS-based functional combination

    Convenient subscription and purchase of functions;

    Less development cost and faster delivery cycle.

  • Reliable and safe data platform

    Comprehensive safety protection provided by Amazon Cloud;

    Double backup of Frankfurt data center in Europe;

    Internationally advanced transmission safety protocol.

  • Intelligent vehicle terminal

    Vehicle-level intelligent terminal;

    More function expansion achieved through multi-interface;

    Embedded firewall and communication encryption protocol.

  • Advanced electrical architecture

    Advanced CAN network architecture;

    Highly integrated electric control management system.

Multiple power types, single platform entailed

  • Full electric

    All-round safety monitoring;

    Remote temperature control;

    Power Battery Analysis Report;

    Integrated charging pile management system.

  • Traditional power

    Real-time fault reporting and early warning to eliminate risks;

    Evaluation of driving style to improve the performance.

  • Hybrid power

    Complete information on the power system working state, with management as simple as traditional ones.

  • Support expansion

    Power types added such as dual source trolleybus and plug-in catering to customers’ needs;

    More graphic information on the vehicle's operating status with more convenient management tools.

Vehicle potential maximized through digitalization.


Electronic fence

Tracking the vehicle and alarming upon crossing the boundary;

Customization to adapt to vehicle types and monitoring events;

Altering the parameters on the vehicle.

Event alarm

Real-time information on the vehicle operation as well as the time and location;

Customized event types of various grades;

Supporting statistics, analysis and real-time alarm recommendation.

Fault early warning

More complete information on vehicle fault collected and monitored;

In-time fault warning sent to key personnel;

Detailed fault description and treatment suggestions.

Intelligent inspection

Automatic fault scanning of electrical components:

Fast recording and uploading of appearance and mechanical components’ fault;

Platform monitoring the departure inspection status of each vehicle.

More efficient

Digital trip

Automatic recording of all trip information, making up electronic files.

Centralized statistics of all trips;

Quick checking of the trip and track on the mobile phone.

Power Battery Analysis Report

Comprehensive information on the status of power battery;

Providing suggestions for improvement and optimizing using habits.

Enterprise Operation Report

Statistical analysis of big data;

Automatically generated data, making the operation clear and plain.

Digitized archives

Data all stored in the cloud;

Quick storage and correlation of vehicle-related data and vouchers;

Quick access to electronic documents such as vehicle manuals and maintenance instructions.

More comfortable

Air conditioning appointment heating

Ensuring a comfortable environment for the first passengers and drivers;

Air conditioning turned on before departure, set to a comfortable temperature;

No consumption of battery power, automatic calculation of start-up time.

Air conditioning remote control

Temperature control of all fleets at one time;

Real-time switching on and off the air conditioning;

Remote batch setting supported.

Vehicle temperature monitoring

Information on the vehicle interior temperature and ambient temperature;

Balance the setting temperature of air conditioning.

Vehicle speed analysis report

Different speed zones reflecting safety;

Different speed zones affecting energy consumption;

Route and operation improved from various aspects through speed analysis.

Saving more energy

Evaluation of driving style

Monitoring the performance of all drivers;

Improving vehicle reliability and reducing wear and tear;

Making it better to manage drivers.

Energy consumption analysis

Statistical analysis of big data;

Real-time information on energy consumption;

Substantial reduction of the energy consumption cost.

Power consumption of parts and components

Information on the composition of power consumption;

Information on whether the parts in the best running condition.

Energy balance monitoring

Real-time monitoring of energy changes;

Recording all data and providing valid vouchers for traceability.

Customer cases

Yutong Vehicle Networking is in an absolute leading position in the industry of China, covering more than 25 countries and regions around the world.

  • Macao

    China Travel Service(Macao) is the first overseas company exploiting this platform. Up to now, 255 vehicles have plugged into the platform, with constant application of video all-in-one machine, active safety equipment, passenger flow equipment, establishing Macao standardized intelligent vehicle monitoring and management system.

  • Bulgaria

    Yutong delivered Yutong V+ Vehicle Networking system to the office of Sofia Public Transport Corporation, Bulgaria, on November 6th, 2018.

  • Saudi Arabia

    Yutong Vehicle Networking system realizes localized deployment of video surveillance/CAN data collection/fleet management (standardized products).

  • Singapore

    The platform has been delivered in October 2019, with LTA using the general account, three operators using sub-accounts to monitor vehicle operation. At present, the charging records and electricity settlement of charging stations are the most widely utilized ones.

  • Uruguay

    The V+ Bus Manager is delivered to Uruguay, providing users with two client portals, namely, the web page and the mobile App, so that users can grasp the trend and running status of the fleet. It integrates the access and management of overseas traditional energy vehicles, meeting the customization requirements of complex scenes posted by customers.

  • Denmark, Finland, Iceland

    V+ Bus Manager is adopted by Nordic countries such as Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Besides satisfying daily operation status monitoring and operation statistical reports, in winter, it can remotely issue instructions to preset the temperature in advance through the web page or mobile App, realizing preheating even during vehicle charging.

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