Live Show on Sept 9! Yutong to Present Its Intelligent Mobility Solution Globally

2020-09-02 -

The prosperous development of next-generation technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) has convinced of us the intelligent future of transportation. As the world’s leading provider of bus mobility solutions, Yutong has been dedicated to delivering safe, efficient, convenient, and comfortable travel experience on public transport.

Yutong started to explore digital, intelligent public transport since 2003. We tested our autonomous buses on a 32.6-kilometer open road in 2015, which was the earliest successful test on the open road with no operators present. Regular autonomous buses service started in May 2018 in our industrial park. In 2019, 5G-enabled L4 autonomous buses started regular operation on open roads in Zhengzhou. So far, this services have run more than 30,000 kilometers in a safe and stable manner. Yutong will continue to provide cities with intelligent, efficient public mobility solutions.

On September 8th, Yutong held an launching ceremony to present its 5G-enabled Intelligent Mobility Solution. Yutong’s new solution is much more about the vision of intelligent city than vehicles alone. A whole series of IoT technologies are employed to build a city-level intelligent transport system.

Before the launching ceremony, Yutong started a No Touch Challenge on SNS platforms including Facebook and Twitter for travellers around the world to imagine a new future made possible by technology.

On 6pm Beijing time, September 9th, Yutong will stream live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to proudly unveil its 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution.

We celebrate the era with strength, and enable better life with wisdom. This is your invitation to the 2020 Yutong 5G Intelligent Mobility Live Show from Yutong. Let’s witness how technology redefines mobility on September 9th together.

Click on the Facebook Live Show on Sept 9! Yutong to Present Its Intelligent Mobility Solution Globally to watch the live show at 6 p.m. on September 9th!

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